Oil & Gas PCB Assembly

Since 2002, Saline Lectronics has supported clients within the Oil & Gas Industry for their electronics manufacturing needs. Assembling a wide range of products within this industry, we offer unparalleled quality and engineering support.

Oil and Gas PCB Assembly

Sample Oil & Gas product types include:

  • Data acquisition modules
  • Surface data recording devices
  • Downhole steering/directional tools
  • Downhole data recording devices

Our electronic manufacturing process is tightly controlled and customized for each printed circuit board assembly that we manufacture. For units that go within hazardous or rigorous environments, like products for the Oil & Gas Industry, we offer the following:

  • Potting and conformal coating on-site
  • Advanced PCB testing capabilities, including in-house environmental testing as well as shock and vibration
  • High-temperature PCB testing and manufacturing
  • ATEX certification
  • IPC Class 3 requirements

Please contact us today to discuss your specific PCB assembly needs.