Telematics PCB Assembly

Machine to machine communication (M2M) is revolutionizing the way we communicate, and interact with our everyday devices. Whether you’re programming your home thermostat from a smart phone, or your car is automatically updating your insurance company about driving habits – you’re constantly capitalizing on M2M communication.

As a preferred electronics manufacturing partner to companies within the Telematics Industry, Saline Lectronics is equipped with the necessary manufacturing equipment to accurately place and test components typically used on these product types – including Bluetooth modules, specialty sensors, and GPS modules.Telematics PCB Assembly

Our machines support tiny components placements (as small as SMT 01005) for PCB assemblies with limited real estate. Additionally, we are ideally equipped to assemble both rigid-flex and flex circuit board assemblies.

Sample Telematics products:

  • V2X equipped devices
  • Aftermarket automotive safety devices
  • Controller sensor for autonomous vehicle

Due to the sensitive nature of this industry, we encourage our Telematics partners to enroll in our Connected Factory program, which provides full traceability of the electronic manufacturing process.

Contact us today to discuss your PCB assembly needs for a Telematics product.