FSInspection Improves Saline Lectronics’ Process with Help from the HDMag

Christi Beck-Levicki Press

Saline Lectronics SMT Technician John Mielke using the HDMag

Saline Lectronics SMT Technician John Mielke using the HDMag

First published in U.S. Tech Magazine. Digital link found here.

Saline Lectronics is an electronic contract manufacturer based in Saline, MI, specializing in manufacturing innovative electronic assemblies with lean methodology and advanced technology. Over the last 13 years, Lectronics has built a reputation for being customer-centric by establishing strong partnerships with each of their clients. Going beyond the typical contract manufacturing relationship, Lectronics provides an array of added-value services to clients including engineering support with thorough Design for Manufacturability assessments. With a focus on continuous improvement, Lectronics recently rolled out a new company-wide lean initiative to enhance the organization through updated lean tools and processes. Additionally, Lectronics has experienced exponential growth over the last couple of years empowering the organization to acquire the latest equipment available in the electronic manufacturing industry. Equipped with these technologically advanced machines, Lectronics delivers impeccably assembled quality products to clients on a daily basis. 

One facet to which Saline Lectronics attributes their growth and success to is the partners they choose when purchasing equipment for their manufacturing process.  Recently, Lectronics purchased the HDMag from FSInspection.  Introduced to Lectronics via Dave Trail of Horizon Sales, the HDMag was an instant hit.  “Once I tried the HDMag for myself, I immediately knew it was something we needed in our facility,” commented Jason Sciberras, Manufacturing Manager at Saline Lectronics.  “We use the HDMag daily in our SMT Department to better inspect any placement concerns on a PCB Assembly, and to better ensure that all placements are within IPC quality standards.”

The HDMag® is perfectly positioned to provide greater assistance in SMT inspection, repair and rework, and in the fight of counterfeit part and component detection by improving inspection accuracy and efficiency. The ergonomic design and integrated monitor combined with the HDMag Software provides convenient collaboration among peers and supervisors, as well as real-time sharing with suppliers and/or customers. The ergonomic design also promotes good posture and reduces operator eye, neck, and back strain.

“The HDMag tool is incredibly beneficial because it allows our entire team to see the same image simultaneously, making us better equipped to troubleshoot any assembly placement concerns,” added Mr. Sciberras.  “Before buying this scope we were limited to inspecting PCB placement issues separately, which made it difficult to come to a consensus about the actual root cause and move forward with a collaborative solution.”

FSInspection produces High Magnification visual inspection systems that are advanced, accurate, and affordable.  HDMag system has been created for ease of use and has been ergonomically designed to reduce operator strain. This results in increased operator accuracy and improved productivity. These visual inspection systems are a more cost-effective, operator supportive solution than traditional microscopes.  FSInspection knows the overall quality process is constantly evolving. Their versatile Visual Inspection Systems can be used in multiple industries, including but not limited to consumer & industrial electronics, mechanical parts, automotive, forensics, medical, micro assembly, micro repair, and other quality control tasks.

Bird’s eye view of one side of Saline Lectronic's 110,000 sq ft plant

Bird’s eye view of one side of Saline Lectronic’s 110,000 sq ft plant

“We are very pleased to know that the HDMag is not only meeting Saline Lectronics’ expectations, but also exceeding them,” commented Terry Clas, VP of Business Development, FSInspection.  “Our product line of visual inspection solutions is expanding with the latest addition, the VERSAMag, ready to ship in October 2015.”

FSInspection will debut the all new VERSAMag® High-Magnification HD Inspection System at SMTA International in September 2015.  The new VERSAMag combines the accurate measurement capabilities of a high-resolution inspection camera with a flexible design to meet the industry’s diverse visual inspection needs.

VERSAMag has a multi-axis, high-resolution camera that tilts and rotates for multiple angle inspection with an adjustable Z-height arm for the versatility to inspect objects of various shapes and sizes. This lightweight and flexible inspection system has magnification up to 96x and includes real-time video inspection, flexible working heights and intuitive controls.

“Due to the high caliber of technologically advanced equipment that FSInspection provides, and the fact that our manufacturing team regularly uses our current HDMag tool, I look forward to a long-standing relationship including positive growth opportunities with FSInspection,” commented Mario Sciberras, President/CEO of Lectronics.