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Lectronics 4.0 :: Connected Factory

Since our inception in 2002, Saline Lectronics specializes in manufacturing innovative, mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies within our 110,000 square foot static controlled facility.

Equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment available on the market, we assemble the most challenging PCB assemblies. Capitalizing on Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we utilize Cogiscan’s TTC software to link our production machines together. Through this seamless machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and real-time data exchange, we have actualized dramatic positive improvements in job set-up and changeover time, defect rates, and overall throughput. Lectronics 4.0 offers the ideal manufacturing experience for your PCB assembly with complete transparency, advanced traceability, and unparalleled quality.

To learn more about Lectronics 4.0 Connected Factory located right here in Michigan, download our Infographic: A Real Solution for Traceability, Process Control, and Quality within PCB assembly.

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