Saline Lectronics Procures Its Third Juki Fortress for High-Volume Assemblies

Christi Beck-Levicki Press


Saline Lectronics now has three StorageSolutions Fortresses for smart inventory management.

SALINE, MI ― September 2016 ― Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronics contract manufacturer, recently purchased and installed its third StorageSolutions Fortress (ISM2000XL) from Juki. The Fortress is designed for optimal management of larger dimension reels. Now, Lectronics’ three Fortresses will store all of the necessary material to run high-volume assemblies that the company manufactures regularly.

Since the installation of its first two Fortresses, Lectronics has experienced huge time savings by reducing the time spent trying to locate parts as well as quality improvements. With the Fortress, there is no longer the risk of any human-error selecting the incorrect part ensuring that the correct reel is available during production runs.

The ISM2000 Fortress offers the flexibility to support a combination of 7″ reels from 8mm to 16mm in height, 13″/15″ reels up to 44mm in height as well as JEDEC trays. The ISM2000 uses a patented multiple outlet system that allows for the simultaneous extraction and insertion of up to 27 reels at a time. The outlet system also supports the extraction of a single reel in quick fashion.

Rather than having to locate material within a stock room and manually pick the necessary reels for the job, Lectronics’ Technicians have the capability to automatically dispense all of the material needed to run an assembly at the push of a single button. Since the three Fortresses communicate directly to the Juki SMT lines, when a reel starts to run low on a line and the low-level alarm goes off, these towers will automatically dispense the replacement reel.

“I am very excited to expand to a third fortress,” commented Scott Sober, VP Operations. “This new unit will continue to improve Lectronics’ efficiencies with respect to minimized kitting and setup time, reducing material at the SMT machines as well as ensuring proper storage of components.”