Saline Lectronics: Seamless and intelligent electronics manufacturing

Christi Beck-Levicki Press

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Saline Lectronics, the premier electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly provider in Michigan, has a secret weapon — Smart Factory Lectronics 4.0. This intentionally designed production floor is made up of intelligent machines working together to create a unified production system and seamless electronics manufacturing experience.

Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence tracks and displays the performance of critical key performance indicators on TV screens at each SMT Line at Saline Lectronics.

What are the benefits of the Smart Factory?
• Intelligent inventory management
• Instantaneous feedback
• Advanced traceability
• Automatic machine to machine (M2M) communication
• Enhanced quality
• On-time delivery

Simply put, this proactive approach guarantees the right information is in the right place at the right time to maintain transparency and real-time connectivity for assembly projects

How does it work?
“Let’s say a Surface Mount Technology (SMT) machine is running low on a reel, it triggers a low-level alert system to the Juki Fortress to dispense the next reel in order to have it ready before the SMT machine runs out of parts.” Jason Sciberras, Manufacturing Manager explains. “This greatly improves our throughput! Additionally, we have Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence tracking the performance of our 6 SMT Lines. Displayed on TV screens at the beginning of each line, Factory Intelligence offers a quick, visual illustration of critical key performance indicators to our production team.”

About Saline Lectronics
The Saline Lectronics team is dedicated to Electronic Contract Manufacturing for the commercial medical, aerospace and telematics industries. From the combination of quality certifications and LEAN initiatives to their dedication to solving challenges and exceeding expectations, Saline Lectronics stays true to their mission to provide exceptional quality and value that leads to long-term, successful partnerships with clients.