Behind the curtain – a look inside Saline Lectronics’ process engineering improvements

Christi Beck-Levicki Blog

We’re incredibly fortunate at Saline Lectronics – a wide variety of clients trust us to assemble their electronic products. We assemble everything from large military black boxes to intelligent IoT devices. We’ve optimized our organization in such a way that we can successfully adapt to this varied customer base and remain proactive to their ever-changing needs and demands.

Our team of electronic manufacturing and process engineers design the ideal manufacturing plan for each printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) that we build. We’re the assembly experts – analyzing each individual product in order to craft a customized electronic manufacturing plan with the appropriate processes and tools to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

It’s our goal to design the best strategy to put your product together. Our team offers PCB assembly solutions that can reduce manufacturing cycle time and increase quality with repeatable, consistent results. We save our clients the headache of wondering how the product will all come together ­– that’s our job.

Our process engineering team works diligently to develop and improve the assembly steps to bring your electronic product to life. Over the coming weeks we’ll be sharing examples of improvements we’ve made to our plant recently. You’ll get to see behind the curtain – into our manufacturing world and the work required to make your PCBA a reality.