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5 Steps to Contract Manufacturer Selection

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If your company makes anything that uses printed circuit board assemblies (and what electronic product doesn’t use PCBAs??), it is imperative to collaborate with the best electronics contract manufacturer (CM) to enjoy all the benefits you can derive from outsourcing. The right CM can ensure that you have time to concentrate on all the other aspects of making your product great as well as profitable. The wrong CM can hurt your end product, which would hurt your reputation and harm your company’s bottom line, perhaps permanently. Follow these steps to select the right CM that will help you achieve your business objectives.

  1. Create a List of Key Capabilities and Proficiencies

Best Electronic Contract Manufacturer

First, analyze what you need from a CM. Identify your business goals and the reason you’re choosing to outsource. Then, write down the talents and capabilities a CM will need. Your list might include experience in your industry, innovation and flexibility, the latest manufacturing technologies, supply chain management solutions, project management, or a personal touch. Then, call potential CMs and see which best matches your must-have list.

  1. Ask the Right Questions

Chose the Best Electronic Contract Manufacturer

During your phone conversations, ask the right questions to get to the heart of whether it’s the right choice for you. Ask if the company is willing to offer things you need up front, as well as to provide accurate price estimates and timeframes. A good CM will communicate with you transparently about prices and procedures. Then, ask how the CM guarantees quality control. Official measures such as adopting ISO quality standards is preferable.

Evaluate the CM’s in-house processes to see what services it provides and if those services match your needs. Ask about the company’s principles and initiatives, as well as how it will handle your needs. For example, will you get your own project manager? Finally, make sure the CM has the means to protect your intellectual property.

  1. Check Out the Team

Select the Best Electronic Contract ManufacturerThe success of your partnership often comes down to human interactions. How stellar is the team supporting and executing projects on time? What type of diverse engineering talent does the CM employ who will be working on your project? Take a look at its team and search for knowledge, competence, reputation, awards, and external certifications. Find out how personal the company makes its partnerships through its staff. You want a CM who is open to a give-and-take relationship, offering flexible team members and people who are passionate about what they do. Schedule interviews with someone at the company, if possible, to see the brand’s personality for yourself.

  1. Verify Industry Certifications

Chose a Electronic Contract ManufacturerYou can’t trust a CM to do what’s right for your business if it doesn’t have the necessary industry certifications that prove the company is real, legitimate, and can stand by its word. Always ask a company to show you proof of its certifications. If the CM can’t produce proof, find your services elsewhere. Look for International Standards Organization (ISO) certifications as well as those within your specific industry, such as AS or ITAR certifications. Certifications are a great way to guarantee expertise, quality and consistency in electronics manufacturing.

  1. Make Your Choice With Care – The Right CM Is Out There!

Pick the Best Electronic Contract ManufacturerWhile choosing the right CM can open limitless doors for your company, choosing the wrong one can make them slam shut. Everything can go wrong with a CM that isn’t the right fit. Make your decision with care. You’ll be glad you did when your CM is offering new products, presenting exciting innovations, and helping you revolutionize your industry. Find out if Saline Lectronics is the stand-out contract manufacturer you’ve been seeking. Schedule a discussion today!