Industries Served


Machine to machine communication (M2M) is revolutionizing the way we communicate, and interact with our favorite, everyday devices. Whether you’re programming your home thermostat at the office via your smart phone, or your car is automatically updating your insurance company about your driving habits – you’re constantly capitalizing on M2M communication. Within telematics specifically, we have the necessary equipment to accurately place the components regularly used on telematics products – including Bluetooth modules, specialty sensors, and GPS modules. We also offer Advanced Traceability support to help our customers closely monitor the safety requirements needed for these sensitive devices.

Oil & Gas

We have supported clients within the Oil & Gas Industry for over 15 years, assembling a wide range of products from data acquisition modules used on-rig to control the drilling operations all the way to the steering modules in the drill-heads working two miles below the ocean floor. We understand the extreme conditions that these electronic assemblies are exposed to, and offer added-value services of potting and environmental testing to fully qualify them for use in the field.


Cardiac Monitoring Equipment. Wound Cleaning Devices. Advanced Ultrasound Station. Non-Invasive Pain Management Tools.  These items could be a checklist for a major hospital, but instead they are examples of the types of medical products that we assemble on a regular basis. With our ISO13485:2003 certification and FDA CFR820 part 21 compliance, we have validated, robust quality processes to assemble electronic medical products for a wide range of critical applications. With our advanced electronic testing, we will make sure your product works when your patients need it most.

Military & Aerospace

Due to our continued growth within the defense industry, we are AS9100C certified and ITAR Registered, ensuring that we meet the necessary quality requirements for military and/or aerospace PCB assembly. Quality is embedded in every single process to fully guarantee that your PCB assembly will perform exactly as required. In order to appropriately protect these types of products in harsh environments, many applications require conformal coating, epoxy, or potting solutions, of which we perform in-house.

We offer Advanced Traceability support to help our customers closely monitor the safety requirements needed for these sensitive devices. We also work with Data Communications, Instrumentation, New Energy, Military, Aerospace, Parking, Controls & many more –contact us today for more information on our expertise for your electronic product!