Imagining Industry 5.0

Fast Forward to Industry 5.0 – When Luigi meets Alexa

Artificial Intelligence

AI delivers the promise of rapid processing of large amounts of data and deep machine learning, the applications in manufacturing are endless with Industry 5.0.

AI and voice controlled assistance are an important part of just about every part of our future, at work, at home and in the car between the two. Access to Luigi will be through mobile devices as well as on the factory floor, and we believe that Luigi will also be talking to our vendors and customers.

  • “Hey Luigi, how’s line two performing today?”
  • Luigi: “It was running at full capacity and speed on the first shift, but since the second shift started, we are seeing some variability in SPI results that are impacting both print quality and speed”
  • “What do you suggest Luigi?”
  • Luigi: “I’d like to try adjusting the print pressure first and if that doesn’t work, I’ll schedule maintenance of the printer after this job is complete, I can transfer production to line three and four to keep us on schedule for all our deliveries.”

Manufacturing in the Augmented Age

In the augmented age of Industry 5.0, we will use tools like VR headsets to augment our skills and to make processes simpler and more repeatable. We expect to be using AR glasses to deliver a mixed reality experience to both our staff and our visitors.

With AR glasses and other manufacturing augmentation improvements from Industry 5.0, our plant tour will become a mixed reality experience that can be enjoyed onsite and remotely. Taking a tour with AR glasses will allow visitors to see real-time data as they move through each part of our facility and past every machine. In remote locations, we’ll be able to take people on a virtual tour with 360 video. 


The most important part of the application of robotics with Industry 5.0, like other forms of automation is going to be the human machine interface (HMI) and the close and mutually beneficial relationship between the two. Robots will learn from humans, as well as sharing their ability to do the tasks operators can’t, or don’t need to do.

In this Industry 5.0 future, collaborative robots will work alongside technicians performing repetitive, intensive tasks. Imagine our cobots shuttling PCBA’s from one department to another, performing the duties of a water spider, refilling components at each station, and performing routine maintenance of production equipment.


We currently collect vast amounts of data from our Lectronics Connected Factory. Powered through intelligent machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and Cogiscan’s Track Trace and Control (TTC) System, we think our factory is a shining example of the Internet of Manufacturing (IoM) for an EMS provider.

A digital twin will allow our supply chain and scheduling teams to quickly and efficiently simulate the ideal scenario for a new production job. It would quickly analyze current production, align the new job within the pipeline and make suggestions based on the target delivery, required material, and assembly steps. 

Wearables That Keep Our Team Safe

Wearables like smart gloves offer the user the ability to use gesture control to operate equipment as well as pull up display information or make adjustments; but what about smart fabrics that monitor stress levels within operators doing challenging and mission critical work?

With major improvements in wearable devices, we see how wearables in Industry 5.0 could also ensure ESD compliance as well as monitor comfort, fatigue and even boredom of operators in order to help create the most ergonomic environment. The wearable device would alarm to move an operator to a task that keeps them stimulated.

Vive la révolution

We’re as excited about the journey as we are about the destination. Similar to our journey towards Industry 4.0, our journy towards Industry 5.0 is going to be all about teamwork and the awesome technology being delivered by incredibly talented people who really care about what we can deliver to our customers.

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