Electro-Mechanical Box Build

electro-mech-2Saline Lectronics also supports Electro-Mechanical Box Build projects to the final pack-out level. Our sophisticated Mechanical Assembly Department has a wide range of experience with Box Build assemblies, and will tailor the assembly process according to your specific project requirements. Our Engineering Team works closely with our clients to develop detailed and secure work instructions to ensure that we build a quality product every single time.

We can assemble any type of Box Build – from simple projects that only require placing a PCA inside of a plastic enclosure to very complex products that necessitate multiple cable arrangements, specific torque requirements, and metal enclosures. Within lean workstations organized by product type, our technicians are equipped with the appropriate tools and resources to assemble the most challenging product configurations.

Because we support a wide range of industries from medical to aerospace, our team has the required expertise to complete your product to the final pack-out level. Many of our current clients even have us ship final products directly to their end user in order to avoid the hassle of additional warehousing and logistics.

To find out more about our Electro-Mechanical capabilities, or to simply ask a question related to your Box Build project, please contact us today!