Equipment List

Major Equipment List

Surface Mount Technology

(4) DEK Horizon 03IX with Hawkeye Autopaste Dispense

(2) Juki GKG-GL Stencil Screen Printer with Vision Inspection

(1) GKG PMAX II Stencil Screen Printer

(1) Juki KE2055RE Chip Shooter

(1) Juki KE2050RE Chip Shooter

(2) Juki KE2060RE High-Speed Fine Pitch Assemblers

(1) Juki KE2060RL High-Speed Fine Pitch Assembler

(1) Juki KE2070L High-Speed Fine Pitch Assembler

(2) Juki KE3020VL High-Speed Fine Pitch Assembler

(1) Juki KE3020VAL High-Speed Fine Pitch Assembler

(1) Juki RS1 High-Speed Fine Pitch Assembler

(1) Juki FX-3XL Chip Shooter

(1) Juki FX-3L Chip Shooter

(2) Juki FX-3RAL Chip Shooter

(1) Juki FX-3RL Chip Shooter

(2) Mirtec MS-11 3D Solder Paste Inspection with Intellitrack

(1) ASM  Process lens Solder Paste Inspection

(2) Heller 1809EXL 18 Zone PB Free Reflow Oven

(3) Heller 1809 Mark III 18 Zone PB Free Reflow Oven

(1) Heller 1809 Mark III 18 Zone PB Free Reflow Oven with High Temperature Option

(1) Mirtec MV-6 OMNI 3D Post Reflow Yield Enhancement Solution AOI System

(4) Mirtec MV-7XI Post Reflow Yield Enhancement Solution AOI System

(1) Nikon XT V 160 X-Ray System

(1) Freedom Scientific HDMag Digital Microscope

(1) KIC SPS7 Re-Flow Oven Temperature Profiler

(1) KIC SPS9 Re-Flow Oven Temperature Profiler

(1) McDry MCU-201SE  (Ultra Low Humidity) Dehydrator Oven

(4) McDry SD0151  (Ultra Low Humidity) Dehydrator Oven

(1) McDry MCU-401  (Ultra Low Humidity) 3 Tier Dehydrator Oven

(1) LR Technologies DKN402 Oven

(1) Watlow 945 General Purpose Oven

(1) Shel Lab 1330GM Part Baking Oven

(1) Q Corporation QMT-1100 Manual Taping System

(3) Juki ISM2000 Reel Storage System

(1) Juki ISM2000XL Reel Storage System

(2) Juki ISM2000 7” Reel Storage System

Cogiscan Intelligent Feeder System

Rework, Processing, and Coating Technology

(1) ERSA Hybrid Rework 600 BGA and QFN Rework System

(1) PACE IR 3000 BGA and QFP SMD Rework System

(1) PVA3000   Automated Conformal Coating Dispensing Machine

(1) PVA650   Automated Conformal Coating Dispensing Machine

(1) PVA Spectra Inline UV Oven

(1) Cleatech Laminar Flow Workbench

(1) Videojet 1710 Direct Dispense Label Machine

(1) Grieve 343 General Purpose Oven

(1) Grieve AA-650 General Purpose Oven

(1) Sealant Equipment & Engineering SEE-FLO 690 Semi-auto Potting Dispensing System

(1) UV1000-10-1   Automated UV Conformal Coating Curing Oven

(1) Speedline Electrovert Soldapak PCB Repair Rework Station

(7) Pace ST400 Temperature Controlled Radiant 400 W Pre-heater

(1) Schunk SAR-800 CL PCB Router

(2) KNK K4000S Panel Cutter

(1) JWIDE JW-828 Wide Panel Cutter

Through Hole Technology

(1) Universal Sequencer   1800 CPH; 60 stations; 1/8 w to 1/2 w

(1) Universal Multi-Mod II DIP Inserter 400 CPH; 8 pin to 40 pin; 60 at .300” wide & 8 at .600” wide; 16” x 16” Max and 3” x 3” Min Board Size

(1) Universal Single Head VCD Axial Inserter 1500 CPH; 1/8 w to 1/2 w; VCD at .300” to .800” wide; 16” x 16” Max and 3” x 3” Min Board Size

Solder & Wash Technology

(2) Juki Flexsolder W510 Dual nozzle selective soldering systems

(1) Juki Flexsolder Cube 460 Dual nozzle selective soldering system, Lead and Lead-free Pots

(1) Vitronics Soltec Delta Wave 6622-CC Leaded Solder Aqueous flux system; 16” x 16” Board Size

(1) Vitronics Soltec Delta Wave 6622-CC   Lead-free Solder Dual flux system; 16” x 16” Board Size

(2) Aqueous Technologies Trident-XLD Batch Automatic De-Fluxing and Wash Systems

(1) Electrovert Aquastorm 100 Inline Waterwash

(1) SCS Instruments Ionograph SMD II Test Module Cleanliness Measurement System

(1) RO/DI Water Filtration System Clean Water with less than 5 PPM Total TDS

(1) ACE High Pressure Humidity Control System

(1) Fancort PHM1-1 Hotbar Solder Station

(1) Apollo Seiko L-CAT-4430 EVO Robotic Soldering Station

Test Technology

(1) Agilent 3070 Series 3 In-Circuit Tester, TestJet and Advanced Boundryscan Capabilities

(1) Seica Pilot 4D V8 Flying Probe Tester

(1) QuadTech Sentry 30 AC/DC/IR Hi-pot Tester

(1) Agilent N5181A MYG Analog Signal Generator   100 KHz to 3 GHz

(1) HP 8753D Network Analyzer   30 KHz to 6 GHz

(1) Advantest R3131 Spectrum Analyzer   9 KHz to 3 GHz

(1) Agilent E4418B RF Power Meter with Power Sensor Mdl. E9301A

(1) Agilent 53181A Frequency Counter 3 GHz

(1) Fireberd 6000A Communications Analyzer

(2) Thermotron Environmental Test Chamber  Temperature and Humidity Cycling

(3) Test Equity 3007C Temperature Chamber, 10 Degrees C per Minute, Rate of Change

(1) Unholtz Dickie Model FD20812 Vibration Table 3 axis, Random and Sine Vibration