PCB Assembly

Since our inception in 2002, Saline Lectronics specializes in manufacturing innovative, mid-volume, high-mix electronic printed circuit board assemblies within our 110,000 sf2 static controlled facility. We understand that it takes an enormous amount of trust to contract out the manufacturing of your product, and we value the opportunity to be your PCB Assembly provider.

Each client that we partner with gets matched with an assigned Project Manager and Product Realization Team that will closely monitor your PCB Assembly order throughout our facility. Your assigned Project Manager will function as your internal liaison – working as an inside voice to help guarantee that your requirements are being communicated correctly and within a timely fashion.

Equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment available on the market, we assemble the most challenging PCB assemblies. Within a lean system, each product that we build is set-up for manufacturing in the most ideal process flow for that unique end-product. Whether that means PCB x-ray inspection for tight BGA placements, or selective soldering of components on a customized pallet, your product will receive the specific manufacturing plan that it deserves.

Whether your PCB assembly is a simple, 4-layer board with only SMT components and Class 2 requirements; or a Class 3, complex 20-layer board with mixed-placement technology and specific thermal requirements, we’re the Electronics Manufacturing Service provider to assemble it for you.

As electronic products continue to evolve with advanced requirements to fit within irregular three-dimensional housings or to withstand intense vibrations, many of our clients are turning to flex and rigid-flex solutions for their circuit board assemblies. Due to this increased demand, we now assemble highly-complex flex PCB Assemblies and rigid-flex circuit board assemblies on a regular basis.

Our Manufacturing and Engineering Teams have developed specific processes and procedures for flex circuit board assembly to closely monitor and control temperature exposure, handling requirements and storage conditions. Because flex PCB assemblies are so difficult to repair once damaged, we exercise extreme care and quality control during the manufacturing process.
Rigid-flex PCB assembly requires special handling during the assembly process that is not normally encountered with a traditional rigid PCB assembly. Prior to actual assembly, our Engineering Team will review your design to make manufacturing and assembly recommendations based on component footprints, appropriate cover layer capture, and ideal stiffener support. For many flex assemblies appropriate panelization, and even pallet design, is crucial in order for the boards to be processed on our manufacturing equipment. It is preferred to engage with us during the early design phase to ensure the most cost effective and robust quality manufactured product.

Please contact us directly today if you have any additional questions regarding our advanced PCB assembly capabilities – even a simple question about your product design, we are more than happy to help!