As electronic assembly experts, we understand that it can take multiple processes to put together that perfect product. A one-for-all solution never works, so we have committed ourselves to total flexibility by arranging our manufacturing facility to accommodate changing electronic requirements.

In order to ensure proper connection of the components used on your pcb assembly, Saline Lectronics offers every type of soldering solution available.

Wave Soldering
We utilize wave soldering for single-sided assemblies with mostly through-hole components. We have three wave solder machines to support RoHS, Tin-Lead, and No-Clean requirements.
Selective Soldering
Considering most circuit board assemblies today are double-sided, selective soldering has taken over as the norm for soldering through-hole components. We have three Juki Selective Solder Machines in our facility that provide the necessary flexibility and consistency for soldering through-hole and odd form components into mixed technology PCBs.

Our Selective Solder Machines (SSMs) can:

  • solder component pitches down to 0.025”
  • maintain a keep-out area of <0.040” due to the on-board vision system
  • solder pads as small as 0.010 of an inch
  • accommodate customized panels up to 16” x 16”
Robotic Soldering

For consistent running, high-volume products we utilize an Apollo Seiko L-CAT-4430 EVO soldering robot. This robotic station can perform repetitive soldering work in much less time than other solutions, and can be easily programmed and updated for new product lines.

The Apollo Seiko Robot has the following capacity:

  • Supports customized programming for each solder connection
  • Provides improved “solder wetting” and joint consistency
  • Eliminates solder fumes with the vacuum system
  • Solder quality is monitored through an on-board video system

In certain cases, some products can’t support machine soldering due to the available real-estate on the circuit board or based on the type of component that requires soldering, such as a battery or specialty wire. Our hand soldering technicians are experts at what they do, and can solder under the trickiest of circumstances. Saline Lectronics technicians are trained to the latest IPC J-STD-001 standards, supporting Class III when required.