Flying Probe Testing

Saline Lectronics is equipped with the most advanced flying probe testing system available on the market with the Seica Pilot 4D V8 Tester.

Flying Probe Test
Flying Probe Test

We are the only electronic contract manufacturer located in the Midwest to offer this technologically advanced flying probe testing solution. With the Seica Pilot 4D V8 Tester, our Test Engineers are able to achieve maximum test coverage quickly and efficiently.

Why you should choose Saline Lectronics’ Flying Probe Testing:

The vertical architecture is the optimum solution for probing both sides of the PCBA simultaneously, eliminating added stress of flex to the unit under test (UUT).
The system has a 16 mobile resource to test PCBAs with eight electrical flying probes, two open-fix mobile probes, two cameras and two thermal probes.
The high-resolution cameras will make the flying probe process incredibly precise and create a smarter, intuitive tester.
Equipped with an enhanced diagnostic tool, the DES streamlines the troubleshooting process and allows our Test Engineers to better analyze the root cause of failures.
Added repair station license that allows our Repair Technicians to pull up a visual representation in-station of the UUT with the failures flashing on-screen in order to see firsthand any required repairs.
The system is enhanced with the universal board frame feature allowing the tester to support any type of circuit board assembly, including those with irregular shape and dimensions.

We are properly equipped to support any type of flying probe testing situation. Contact us today to discuss your flying probe testing requirements.