Wire Bonding

As an added-value service, Saline Lectronics is one of the only electronic contract manufacturers in the Midwest to support wire bonding services.

Wire Bonding

Due to size constraints or cost limitations, certain electronic products specify wire bonding requirements as this process is one of the most flexible interconnect technologies available. In response to this increasing demand, Saline Lectronics has a K&S Manual Wedge Bonder to perform wire bonding assembly in-house. This new tool will allow us to support complex wedge bonding requirements.

Our wire bonding capabilities are perfectly suited for chip-on-board assembly, hybrid/multi-chip modules, microwave products, and optoelectronic parts. We are able to support both aluminum and gold wire, with a 3 mm wire maximum limitation. Additionally, we can utilize ribbon with a maximum size of 1 mm by 10 mm.

Long-term we plan to add even more services to our micro-assembly work area including die attachment, encapsulation and micro-assembly dicing.

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