Millennials in Manufacturing - Mike Scaparrotti

Millennials in Manufacturing: A Different, yet Rewarding Career Path

Saline Lectronics Blog

Millennials in Manufacturing - Mike ScaparrottiIn our latest I-Connect007 Millennials in Manufacturing Blog Series we feature Mike Scaparrotti, a electronic manufacturing purchasing agent at Saline Lectronics.

Mike Scaparrotti graduated with a degree in sociology and minor in art. “When I applied for this position, I knew very little about electronic manufacturing. My background was mainly in shipping and retail management.”

By joining Lectronics, Mike anticipated a chance for different growth opportunities; he believed that the electronics and technology industry would be a great opportunity to start a completely different career path.

Mike’s career at Saline Lectronics began in the shipping department as a receiving clerk. He then worked as an Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) programmer, before progressing to his current position as a purchasing agent.

For the past four years, Mike’s career has been working well, and he has learned a lot about the industry. “I have been able to see our builds progress from the parts being brought in the door, assembled, and then finally shipped out as a final product.”

Of course, there are challenges in his line of work. For Mike, it is finding that some companies they work with are not as quick moving.

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