Millenials in Manufacturing - Kyle Robertson

Millennials in Manufacturing: A Rewarding Career

Christi Beck-Levicki Blog

In our latest i-Connect007 Millennials in Manufacturing Blog Series we feature Kyle Robertson, an SMT technician at Saline Lectronics.

Kyle has been with Lectronics for three years now. So far, Kyle explained, working for Lectronics has provided him the opportunity to learn new things related to the electronics manufacturing industry every day and to witness the latest, most exciting technologies being developed.

Going back to when he was still applying for a job, Kyle’s career objectives hadn’t really been defined. All he wanted was steady work in a electronics manufacturing facility that would offer him room to grow and improve.

The challenges he has faced since joining Lectronics provide some of the reasons he enjoys his job. “Every day there is a new issue at hand that requires us to get to get to the bottom of and prevent future repeated mistakes,” said Kyle. “Troubleshooting an issue with an unknown cause can be very grueling and frustrating, but the end result makes it all worth it.”

Self-improvement and growth are what motivate Kyle to become more successful and happy in his job at Lectronics. “I love the challenges I face on a day-to-day (sometimes hour-to-hour) basis. I get immense satisfaction from identifying an issue and being able to get to the root cause and make it go away forever,” he explained. “My job constantly requires me to look at the big picture and then dive into specifics while continually asking the question ‘why?’ The chase can be quite frustrating a lot of the time, but that’s also what makes it exciting.”

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