Cathy Cox - Millennials in Electronic Manufacturing

Millennials in Manufacturing: Multiple Approaches to Problem Solving

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In our latest i-Connect007 Millennials in Manufacturing Blog Series we feature Cathy Cox, a process engineer at Saline Lectronics.

Cathy Cox started working on an assembly line before moving to SMT, where she performed training and the organization of the department. As a process engineer she is in charge of all the first-time build customers, where she manages the entire assembly process figuring out the perfect PCB assembly plan for each product, and the best schedule to deliver each customer the best product.

Cathy regards her job as very rewarding. “My job has provided me with a greater understanding and appreciation of how to process and evaluate circuit board assemblies from the beginning, at customer design, to the very end, to completion and shipping of the PCBA. Not only have I learned a lot about circuit board assembly, but I have also gained a ton of knowledge from my co-workers who have been in manufacturing for years! We recently hired an engineer, Steve Telgen, who had previous experience working for a PCB fabrication house. Steve has taught me the importance of good circuit board design and how that directly relates to the manufacturability of the PCBA.”

Now at Lectronics for almost four years, Cathy’s career choice has met her every expectation. “At first, I thought that I would learn about the company and business of manufacturing. Never did I think of this place as a career. Now that I have been here and moving up in the company, a career is a must,” she said.

But she says the work is not without its challenges…

To hear more about Cathy’s experience of being a female engineer and how she hopes to shape the future of Lectronics’ manufacturing, visit i-Connect007.