Millennials in Manufacturing with i-connect007

New Column: Millennials in Manufacturing

Saline Lectronics Blog

We recently launched a new column with i-connect007the most extensive global source for news and original content serving the printed circuit design, fabrication and assembly/EMS markets, called Millennials in Manufacturing. In this series, we explore the challenges that the electronic manufacturing services industry is facing with the pending skills gap, and how the millennial generation can fill in those holes… and maybe even transform electronic manufacturing entirely.

Over the coming weeks, i-connect007 will share stories and opinions from a group of millennials at Saline Lectronics. You’ll get a firsthand perspective of what it’s like to work at Lectronics as a millennial – sharing in their frustrations, opportunities, and future plans for the electronic manufacturing industry.

I am incredibly proud of Lectronics’ millennials. I’ve spent a lot of time interviewing and chatting with them over the last couple of months, and their stories have given me a renewed sense of pride and hope for the future of American electronic manufacturing.

This group is forward-thinking and solutions-oriented. They value open communication, positive change, self-improvement, and innovative problem solving. They have all of the right ideas and plans to drive this industry forward. We just need to ensure they receive all of the appropriate tools to do so.

Read the first column in the series here.