Women in Manufacturing - Beckie Burdeaux

Notable Women In Manufacturing

Christi Beck-Levicki Press

Rebecca Burdeaux, Senior Leader at Saline Lectronics, Inc., received a Notable Woman in Manufacturing award with Crain’s Detroit. 

Rebecca Burdeaux leads 25 employees in the mechanical assembly and hand solder/repair of Saline Lectronics, which manufactures electronic assemblies for medical, aerospace, military and aftermarket automotive industries. 

“Beckie is a bulldog and extremely self-motivated. I like to call her a finisher; she always gets it done. I value that tremendously,” said Jason Sciberras, VP of Operations at Saline Lectronics.

Known for being calm and consistent, Burdeaux has implemented lean manufacturing processes, efficiency verification systems and validation processes.

She also gets great joy from empowering others. She once told a colleague, “The people that might not have that much confidence or they’re in a position in the shop that they don’t particularly like, you bring them in, build their confidence, tell them how good they are, teach them new skills and watch them take off. In return, they become solid employees and leaders within the company. When you’re done lifting those people up, they will perform for you, do anything you ask of them. They go above and beyond. These are the people that keep me showing up for work every day, after 17 years.”

Originally published on Crain’s Detroit here.