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7 Common Pitfalls With Contract Manufacturer Customer Service

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Outsourcing to an electronics contract manufacturer (CM) is more than a matter of convenience; it’s a necessity for most small and mid-sized businesses. You’ve likely faced some problems when outsourcing part of your manufacturing process like a circuit board assembly, for example. Poor communication, delays in production, higher costs, quality problems, late deliveries, and more are common issues that can …

Design for Manufacturability

Why DFM and DFT Reports Are Critical for the Success of Your Product

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Of all the best practices an electronic contract manufacturer (CM) should adhere to, perhaps the best differentiator to identify a leading CM is Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) reporting. DFM and DFT reports ensure customer (that’s you) satisfaction, quality control, and predictable costs. These reports should have detailed descriptions of the processes the CM would like …

Electronic Contract Manufacturer - Employee

5 Ways to Ensure Your Contract Manufacturer Is Actually Working for You

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Your electronic contract manufacturer (CM) is more than just a provider of printed circuit board assembly products – it’s a partner that should be as dedicated to your company’s success as you are. The CM you choose must be one that you feel completely comfortable and confident in creating a long-term relationship with. The right CM can help improve product …

Lectronics Luigi and Industry 5.0

Imagining Industry 5.0: Lectronics Luigi

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Originally published in i4.0 Today here. Our journey towards industry 4.0 is by no means over, but with so much written about the Smart Factory recently I thought it would be interesting to imagine just how things could change in the near-term future with enabling technologies like conversational AI, robotics, AR and wearables, and the digital twin. But before we …

Women in Manufacturing - Beckie Burdeaux

Notable Women In Manufacturing

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Rebecca Burdeaux, Senior Leader at Saline Lectronics, Inc., received a Notable Woman in Manufacturing award with Crain’s Detroit.  Rebecca Burdeaux leads 25 employees in the mechanical assembly and hand solder/repair of Saline Lectronics, which manufactures electronic assemblies for medical, aerospace, military and aftermarket automotive industries.  “Beckie is a bulldog and extremely self-motivated. I like to call her a finisher; she …

Vendor, customer swap roles in electronic contract manufacturing partnership

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Originally published on MLive here. As with any new product, there was a learning curve for KIC when the reflow and thermal process control company developed its latest profiler. The usual punch list of technical obstacles had to be overcome before the technology could hit the market. KIC sought help from Saline Lectronics, an electronic contract manufacturer (CM) that partnered …

The Mario Effect Creates Lectronics Buzz

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Originally published in SMTToday magazine. A quick google search of “pcb assembly” gives 949,000 results. It’s an oversaturated market with most players offering similar services and capabilities. Each contract manufacturer (CM) is vying to stand out in this competitive landscape. Ironically, most of the messaging from these CM’s looks the same. In order to even show up in pertinent web …

Process Engineering: rebalancing a mechanical assembly line to increase efficiency and productivity

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As discussed in previous posts, Saline Lectronics process engineers are the magicians behind the curtains actualizing the ideal manufacturing process for each circuit board assembly that we build. Our process engineers are responsible for optimizing manufacturing operations to help the assembly process flow as smoothly as possible. As process engineers, our team is responsible to “de-bottleneck” areas – in other …

Process Engineering: process optimization and process control solutions to improve accuracy

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As highlighted in our previous post, Saline Lectronics’ process engineers are the magicians behind the curtains actualizing the ideal manufacturing process for each circuit board assembly that we build. This group is not only responsible for creating systems for new projects, but they also work to improve and optimize current processes in order to increase efficiency as well as overall …

Schunk Router

Process Engineering: Improvements available through multi-faceted manufacturing tools

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Saline Lectronics’ process engineers are responsible for the design, operation, control and optimization of all electronic manufacturing processes. Our team of process engineers work in collaboration to design new, innovative processes for first time build assemblies. They also work to modify and improve current builds and systems. Thoroughly examining all stages of the electronic manufacturing process to improve quality, throughput …