Saline Lectronics Places the First Order for Jukis New Cube in the Midwest

Saline Lectronics Press

SALINE, MI ― March 2015 ― Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronics contract manufacturer, recently purchased a Cube selective soldering system from Juki. Dave Trail, President of Horizon Sales facilitated the sale.

Selective Soldering System Juki CubeDave Trail, President of Horizon Sales, commented, “This is the third selective solder system that Saline Lectronics has purchased from Juki. Saline’s existing Juki units have been operating continuously in a multi-shift environment for a few years now and they needed the Cube to meet increased demand.”

“The installation of the Juki Cube 460 batch system has significantly increased our selective soldering capabilities and throughput,” said Eric Hassen, Vice President and General Manager of Saline Lectronics. “The top and bottom preheaters, as well as the solder wave monitoring system, are just a couple of the features that have allowed us to increase our capacity to build quality products, and all in a smaller footprint than the W150 models.”

The Cube sets the new standard for mini-wave soldering systems. It is available in batch and inline versions. The batch system supports board sizes up to 460mm x 460mm and the inline system supports boards up to 460mm x 510mm.  Keeping with the tradition, and a standard set with previous JUKI selective machines, it offers dual autonomous acting soldering nozzles, allowing the use of two different sizes and/or types of nozzles without changeover.  Also keeping with tradition, the Cube batch machine offers both 0° and 7° soldering to accommodate various types of nozzles including wetted nozzle tips and non-wetted nozzles.

Saline Lectronics is properly equipped to manufacture assemblies that are completely traceable to the component level. With its five high-speed Juki surface mount lines and a large stock of smart feeders, Saline is able to stay flexible by having jobs queued ahead in order to adapt to various customers’ ever-changing needs.