TTC System – A Real Solution for Traceability, Process Control and Quality Improvements

As electronics technology continues to advance with the development of complex micro-components and the placement of systems into harsh or human-critical environments, the need for thorough traceability during manufacturing is essential. In April 2014, Saline Lectronics partnered with Cogiscan to implement their Track, Trace and Control (TTC) System factory-wide. This new system not only helps to better regulate our processes and quality controls, but also ensures that the products we build are safe and reliable.

Why you should enroll in Saline Lectronics’ advanced traceability program – our TTC System:

  • Tracks every component that is used on the circuit board assembly to the reference designator
  • Provides visibility and verification of materials and product status
  • Showcases real-time data of WIP – giving you an accurate picture of when to expect product on your dock
  • Records operator handling – how long they handle the assembly and the actual work performed during each process
  • Implements a check and balance alert system to remove human error
  • Offers a history of component lifecycle and traceability in the event of a recall