Outsourcing PCB Assembly

5 Common Mistakes in Outsourcing

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If you own a company that produces or manufactures a product using electronics, outsourcing some of your electronics product’s components can be a dream come true or your worst nightmare – depending on the choice you make. If you outsource printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and you choose the wrong contract manufacturer (CM), you could ship a product that doesn’t …

The Benefits of Working With a Contract Manufacturer

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Do you have a company that makes and sells an excellent product, for instance, an MRI machine that takes magnetic resonance images? The healthcare field and the machines that medical personnel use face a huge number of standards, regulations, and requirements, making full compliance a very expensive, time-consuming exercise that also carries huge manufacturing liability issues. Electronics contract manufacturing (CM) …

How to Identify If Your CM Has the Technical Chops to Handle Your Project

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The success of your electronics manufacturing project depends upon the technical prowess of your contract manufacturer (CM). It’s of the utmost importance to verify that a potential CM is tech-savvy enough to meet your desired project goals and expectations. Otherwise, you could sign a contract with a CM that delivers unsatisfactory, low-quality, or defect-prone electronics – after you’ve already paid. …

Design for Manufacturability

Why DFM and DFT Reports Are Critical for the Success of Your Product

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Of all the best practices an electronic contract manufacturer (CM) should adhere to, perhaps the best differentiator to identify a leading CM is Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Test (DFT) reporting. DFM and DFT reports ensure customer (that’s you) satisfaction, quality control, and predictable costs. These reports should have detailed descriptions of the processes the CM would like …

Saline Lectronics implements Cogiscan’s new Factory Intelligence software

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SALINE, MI ― April 2016 ― Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronics contract manufacturer, recently implemented Cogiscan’s new Factory Intelligence software. Aligned perfectly with Lectronics’ commitment to Industry 4.0 and a smart, connected factory, Cogiscan’s Factory Intelligence software will enhance Lectronics’ ability to better understand the performance and needs of its SMT production lines. “Cogiscan is proud to play a …

Horizontal Integration & Industry 4.0

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The second main characteristic of Industry 4.0 is horizontal integration via a new generation of global value chain networks. These networks are optimized networks that integrate customers and business partners, as well as new business and cooperation models across countries. Process chains become increasingly transparent and flexible. The process chain’s flexibility is vitally important when it comes to customer-specific adaptations. …