Millennials in Manufacturing - Mike Scaparrotti

Millennials in Manufacturing: A Different, yet Rewarding Career Path

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In our latest I-Connect007 Millennials in Manufacturing Blog Series we feature Mike Scaparrotti, a electronic manufacturing purchasing agent at Saline Lectronics. Mike Scaparrotti graduated with a degree in sociology and minor in art. “When I applied for this position, I knew very little about electronic manufacturing. My background was mainly in shipping and retail management.” By joining Lectronics, Mike anticipated a …

Picking the Best Electronic Test Solution for Your Product – Part II

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Test Strategies: Automated Optical Inspection & Functional Test Visit SiteDeciding the best test strategy for your printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) product can be both a daunting and challenging task. Does Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) catch every manufacturing defect? Is a customized In-Circuit Test (ICT), or a flexible Flying Probe Test (FPT) better suited for your specific product? Should you …

Vertical Networking of Smart Systems

Vertical Networking of Smart Production Systems

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Vertical Networking of smart productions systems refers to the ability of “smart factories” to be able to respond to changes in demand, supply, and faults. This allows smart factories to be needs-oriented, individualized, and customer-specific in terms of production operations. There is also emphasis on resource efficiency and the efficient use of materials, energy, and human resources. A smart factory …