Lectronics at IPC APEX 2017

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During the week of February 13th, Jason Sciberras, Manufacturing Manager, and Tom Scales, IT Manager, attended IPC APEX in San Diego, CA. While perusing potential new equipment vendors, and connecting with current preferred suppliers, Jason and Tom also had the unique opportunity to discuss the new trends and technological advancements, specifically related to the Internet of Manufacturing (IoM), within the …

The future of electronics manufacturing: Data and Lean problem solving

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Data is the hot trend in manufacturing right now. Everyone, including the Saline Lectronics team, is talking about the importance of tracking everything – work flow, process steps, materials used, machine performance, operator time, etc.  On the factory floor, when data analysis is coupled with Lean problem solving, the quality benefits are monumental! As part of our Lectronics 4.0 Connected …

Vertical Networking of Smart Systems

Vertical Networking of Smart Production Systems

Christi Beck-Levicki Blog

Vertical Networking of smart productions systems refers to the ability of “smart factories” to be able to respond to changes in demand, supply, and faults. This allows smart factories to be needs-oriented, individualized, and customer-specific in terms of production operations. There is also emphasis on resource efficiency and the efficient use of materials, energy, and human resources. A smart factory …