Certification Highlight – AS9100

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Certifications are critical when looking for your electronics contract manufacturer (CM) – especially when you’re in need of assemblies specific to the aerospace industry. Virtually anyone with the right manufacturing equipment can call itself a CM. Certifications are some of the only ways high-quality electronics CMs can distinguish themselves from less-professional manufacturers. The AS9100 certificate relates specifically to quality assurance …

Certification Highlight – NIST 800-171 Guidelines

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What does a NIST 800-171 certification mean to you? Better protection of your controlled unclassified information while doing business with an electronics contract manufacturer (CM). If a company meets the NIST 800-171 guidelines for Information Technology (IT) security, that CM is a provider you can trust with your sensitive data during printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) and other projects. The …

Electronics Manufacturing Quality Assurance

6 Processes a CM Should Have in Place for Quality Assurance

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Quality control should be a top priority for every electronics contract manufacturer (CM). Quality assurance in manufacturing and original electronic manufacturer (OEM) order fulfillment is critical to a company’s reputation and overall success. Every good CM should have a proven system in place to ensure high-quality manufacturing. The following six processes represent a top-tier quality assurance plan for a CM. …

Electronic Contract Manufacturer in the US

How You’ll Save on Soft Costs with a US-Based CM

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Finding an electronic contract manufacturer located in the United States is beneficial for many reasons: you can generally find better product quality, stock availability, and superior customer service when you choose an onshore CM. Besides, a US-based CM can help reduce your overall budget especially when it comes to soft costs. Hard costs refer to any expense you can’t avoid, …

How You and Your CM Can Get Ahead of the Component Shortage

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The electronics component shortage has created a difficult market for manufacturers and companies alike. Unprepared businesses are struggling to receive the components they need to keep their production flow efficient and available to meet customer demand. But just because there’s a shortage doesn’t mean you can’t get ahead of the game – and the process starts by working together with …

Outsourcing PCB Assembly

5 Common Mistakes in Outsourcing

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If you own a company that produces or manufactures a product using electronics, outsourcing some of your electronics product’s components can be a dream come true or your worst nightmare – depending on the choice you make. If you outsource printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and you choose the wrong contract manufacturer (CM), you could ship a product that doesn’t …

The Benefits of Working With a Contract Manufacturer

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Do you have a company that makes and sells an excellent product, for instance, an MRI machine that takes magnetic resonance images? The healthcare field and the machines that medical personnel use face a huge number of standards, regulations, and requirements, making full compliance a very expensive, time-consuming exercise that also carries huge manufacturing liability issues. Electronics contract manufacturing (CM) …

Process Engineering: process optimization and process control solutions to improve accuracy

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As highlighted in our previous post, Saline Lectronics’ process engineers are the magicians behind the curtains actualizing the ideal manufacturing process for each circuit board assembly that we build. This group is not only responsible for creating systems for new projects, but they also work to improve and optimize current processes in order to increase efficiency as well as overall …

Schunk Router

Process Engineering: Improvements available through multi-faceted manufacturing tools

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Saline Lectronics’ process engineers are responsible for the design, operation, control and optimization of all electronic manufacturing processes. Our team of process engineers work in collaboration to design new, innovative processes for first time build assemblies. They also work to modify and improve current builds and systems. Thoroughly examining all stages of the electronic manufacturing process to improve quality, throughput …

Behind the curtain – a look inside Saline Lectronics’ process engineering improvements

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We’re incredibly fortunate at Saline Lectronics – a wide variety of clients trust us to assemble their electronic products. We assemble everything from large military black boxes to intelligent IoT devices. We’ve optimized our organization in such a way that we can successfully adapt to this varied customer base and remain proactive to their ever-changing needs and demands. Our team …