Millenials in Manufacturing - Kyle Robertson

Millennials in Manufacturing: A Rewarding Career

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In our latest i-Connect007 Millennials in Manufacturing Blog Series we feature Kyle Robertson, an SMT technician at Saline Lectronics. Kyle has been with Lectronics for three years now. So far, Kyle explained, working for Lectronics has provided him the opportunity to learn new things related to the electronics manufacturing industry every day and to witness the latest, most exciting technologies being developed. …

Cathy Cox - Millennials in Electronic Manufacturing

Millennials in Manufacturing: Multiple Approaches to Problem Solving

Christi Beck-Levicki Blog

In our latest i-Connect007 Millennials in Manufacturing Blog Series we feature Cathy Cox, a process engineer at Saline Lectronics. Cathy Cox started working on an assembly line before moving to SMT, where she performed training and the organization of the department. As a process engineer she is in charge of all the first-time build customers, where she manages the entire assembly process …

Saline Lectronics Purchased the Stinger Dispensing Add on for PCBs Exposed to Critical Environments

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SALINE, MI ― August 2016 ― Saline Lectronics, Inc., a leading electronics contract manufacturer, recently installed the Stinger on its DEK Horizon 03iX printer used on a high-volume SMT Line. The company plans to add the Stinger to its other DEK printers in the future. The Stinger is a low-volume dispense module that can be attached to the camera carriage …

Tip #3 – A CM that has close relationships with their preferred suppliers

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Our continued blog series with advice on how to avoid an only-following-instructions type electronic Contract Manufacturer, and leveraging a successful partnership with a transparent and proactive electronic contract manufacturer. In last week’s blog post “A CM with an Engineering Team that offers manufacturability recommendations” we offered the second tip in how to avoid landing another only-following-instructions type CM. Here’s our third tip: A CM that has …

Vertical Networking of Smart Systems

Vertical Networking of Smart Production Systems

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Vertical Networking of smart productions systems refers to the ability of “smart factories” to be able to respond to changes in demand, supply, and faults. This allows smart factories to be needs-oriented, individualized, and customer-specific in terms of production operations. There is also emphasis on resource efficiency and the efficient use of materials, energy, and human resources. A smart factory …