Certification Highlight – AS9100

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Certifications are critical when looking for your electronics contract manufacturer (CM) – especially when you’re in need of assemblies specific to the aerospace industry. Virtually anyone with the right manufacturing equipment can call itself a CM. Certifications are some of the only ways high-quality electronics CMs can distinguish themselves from less-professional manufacturers. The AS9100 certificate relates specifically to quality assurance …

Electronics Manufacturing Quality Assurance

6 Processes a CM Should Have in Place for Quality Assurance

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Quality control should be a top priority for every electronics contract manufacturer (CM). Quality assurance in manufacturing and original electronic manufacturer (OEM) order fulfillment is critical to a company’s reputation and overall success. Every good CM should have a proven system in place to ensure high-quality manufacturing. The following six processes represent a top-tier quality assurance plan for a CM. …

Positive Improvements from Creating a Connected, Intelligent and Traceable Production System

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Originally published in SMT Today Magazine here.  Saline Lectronics examines the benefits to Cogiscan’s enhanced traceability and the positive outcomes of creating an interconnected, intelligent factory. Different types of machines automatically communicating to each other and seamlessly sharing data is no longer a scenario only seen in science fiction novels. Today’s leading manufacturers are gaining a competitive edge by embracing current …

Horizontal Integration & Industry 4.0

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The second main characteristic of Industry 4.0 is horizontal integration via a new generation of global value chain networks. These networks are optimized networks that integrate customers and business partners, as well as new business and cooperation models across countries. Process chains become increasingly transparent and flexible. The process chain’s flexibility is vitally important when it comes to customer-specific adaptations. …

Vertical Networking of Smart Systems

Vertical Networking of Smart Production Systems

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Vertical Networking of smart productions systems refers to the ability of “smart factories” to be able to respond to changes in demand, supply, and faults. This allows smart factories to be needs-oriented, individualized, and customer-specific in terms of production operations. There is also emphasis on resource efficiency and the efficient use of materials, energy, and human resources. A smart factory …